2a questions


i’m mostly asking about nxgs because that’s what i like best, but post about any 2a yoyo.

how often do you guys lube the bearing, do you take the shield off, or just right on top, what lube do you use?

what string do you perfer slick 6 or 8 or other i guess

my answers

usually before each use, sometimes i take the shield off and sometimes not, i mostly use thick lube but i’m going to start experimenting with brain lube more, see which performs best

not exactly sure if i prefer white slick 6 or 8, still just to decide which seems to work best for me

also how long does string last you?

for me about 20 - 30 min


Sunset Trajectory NXG’s are superior for looping, great 2A chioce! :wink:

I take both shields off, because it looks cool. It allows dirt or particles to get in easier, though.

I clean it when needed, and only when needed.

I prefer Slick 6, since it is the only I use. I buy it from YoYoSam.Com. Soft, durable, and a good choice.


With NXG’s, I would recommend clean the bearing in lighter fluid, then lube the bearing with thick lube on BOTH sides of the bearing, but before you screw them together, apply a drop of thin lube also.
I siliconed mine, and found the best results with 100 Poly string cut from the knot on your finger to your shoulder.

Talk to me if you have any 2A questions on yoyo’s or tricks and tips.
happy to help