2A Bearing differences

What difference does a larger bearing make for looping?



Sleep times for around the world? Lol

AA international Club makes full ceramic bearings for Loopers (720) - I was curious about those


Just realized i forgot one of the pics.

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Anyone have any input? Considering getting a pair of Sunrises when they come out because I enjoy looping but my Initiators aren’t really doing it for me anymore.

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From what ive seen/heard, its a loop 720 with the bearing size of old YYJ loopers. Im still super new so idk how it would differ from a normal 720 in play.

Yeah that’s exactly what it is. I’m just not really down with my initiators anymore and 720s seem basically the same so I wanted to know if the bearing made a difference.

If anyone wants to buy my Initiators (the white ones with reflective sides) lmk, I’ll use that money to get Sunrises.

@AndreBoulay you’re probably pretty familiar with the old YYJ loopers that used the larger bearing, could you maybe answer this question for me?

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I actually have a pair of Sunrise I have had since Worlds and I am really really enjoying them.

Bearing size in 2A yoyos is funny… Specifically to Sunrise I find the biggest difference is a very real ‘snappiness’ off each loop. In some ways it feels easier to control as you loop faster. You also can feel it hit the end of the string more in my opinion. There is just something really pleasing about how they control. There is also something subtle in how it ‘sleeps’ and then loops - many people loved the YoYoJam sunset trajectory and how it looped was pretty unique so this is an effort to bring some of that magic back. Looping more than 1A is a very personal experience in finding what works best for your own style.

Maybe @Dave_Geigle could weigh in! :pray:


Thanks Andre! I have a pair of Initiators and while I enjoy the act of looping in itself there’s just something a little uncomfortable with the Initiators for me. I’ll probably pick up a pair of Sunrises when they drop.

Its a good point. I think some people also feel the initiators loop heavier which again some people really liked that quality in a looping yoyo. And I would say that the bearing in Sunrise almost makes them feel lighter than standard 720.

Historically with YoYoJam I always found people were able to learn fast on sunset and that they stayed more consistently responsive.


Are you guys getting this on the 14th?

Yes! :100:

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