2a and 5a questions

i finally found my loop 720 after a month and um how do i do shoot the moons when it comes back and goes up it goes around my hand even though i just raised my hand
and for 5a im i supposed to throw using my index finger not my middle finger cause its a bit uncomfortable

for 2a the yoyo never goes in a loop it goes up like a loop and comes back down then up then down

and for 5a do what your comfortable with

how do i fix it so it doesnt go into a loop
um can i get an example how a few people throw it

For shoot the moon, timing is critical. If you do it right, the yoyo will shoot straight up then straight back down. If you’re too late, it’ll make that loop thing.

For 5a throw, André shows how to do it well. Put the counterweight next to your pinky and hold the yoyo with your thumb and index finger in the gap. This works very well.

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and look at the video he shows different ways


Yup. If you have more questions, feel free to send me a PM. I actually do a little bit of both of these (as well as many other people though).