2A and 3A


Okay so some of you guys may have seen my earlier post, but to make things short I’m working on a 10 minute yoyo documentary and need some shots of people doing 2A and 3A. So if any of you people are willing to do this it would mean a great deal to me. I am currently going through the process of figuring out all the shots and will be more specific later on about what type of shots I need in the style. But so you know the shots will need to be shot in a mall or a public place like a park or other gathering spot, these clips also need to shot with an HD camera.
Thanks every one.



I know you’re a new film maker.

You’re going to need to specify what flavor of HD, do you want a slate, do you want bars(for color correction) and what frame rate? And of course, what format do you want it delivered. Amy other direction? Do you want crowd reaction? Wide shot? Tight shot? Medium shot? 3/4 shot? Is audio even something critical to your process?(maybe you’re just going to lay down a music bed and then run a voice over in which case, the captured audio isn’t really an issue)

But, what I’d recommend is don’t restrict yourself to 2A and 3A. Ask for anything, but do stress 2A and 3A stuff is needed.

(Jei Cheetah) #3

Im a 2A player, who happens to live near some very public places, who also happens to have a decent camera to shoot with (Canon gl2), I would be happy to get some footage to ya!




Well the reason I’m specifically asking for these two, is because I have people that can do the other ones, so I’ll be going personally shooting those videos my self, so yeeaa… :stuck_out_tongue: otherwise I woulda have :slight_smile:


Thanks Man!!! I’ll send you a PM on more specific details :slight_smile:


Haha some of these things I didn’t even think about… and a good idea too, I would like to have the crowd in at least one of the shots and I don’t need really long shots either, and I need one semi close up where it cuts off the legs and you can see the head and then a close up of just where the yoyo is so nothing else is showing (e.g. showing the torso area where the yoyo without showing the head or the legs.