A Short YoYo Documentary


Hey everyone, I’m a part of Vimeo and they are having their annual film festival. So I’m wanting to do a short YoYo documentary sorta be something like Dogtown and Z-Boys but much shorter and I was wondering if anyone knows of a place I can get royalty free music for this video? Also I was wondering if anyone with a good video camera does 2A or 3A? Since I’ll need some shots of those styles for the video since I have all the other ones covered with my friends and all, and the film can only be a maximum of 10 minuets, Which I think will be a fine length for a first time doing a documentary. So if you guys can shot any of these clips and would let me use them that would be great! :slight_smile: I would need the clips of the people yoyoing to either be outside or someplace like a public square or mall. If you people have any questions please feel free to PM me.



I can do 3a for you.


Hit me up with the royalty free music thing, I have stuff of good quality that you can use for free (just credit at the end).


Okay thanks :slight_smile: if you could just do a short video and then send me the link and your name and yoyo’s name for the credits :slight_smile:

Well I anyways plan to put who ever helped me in the credits :slight_smile: so thanks dude :slight_smile: if you could send me a link to your stuff via PM or my e-mail which is ijl1994@live.com that would be great :slight_smile:


When do you need this video to be done?


I need it to be done by mid January at the latest :slight_smile: since the deadline for the video is February 20th and I need time to put everything together and clean it up and get it to perfection.

Thanks again man :slight_smile:


Oh that’s good. Do you want music in it?


No I’ll add music if I need it… because I’m not aloud to use something that isn’t royalty free.


Contact the people who make some of the music you want to use. They may choose to wait licensing, sync, royalties and mechanical fees in favor of a credit. Good luck with that, and if you go that route, DO NOT use the MP3. And, similarly, since you’re talking film, make sure the same rate is either 48K or 96K(bit rate 16-24 bit). Otherwise, you’ll want to do a sample rate conversion from 44.1 to 48K.


okay… well I don’t know what the 48K and stuff means :stuck_out_tongue: but thanks and by the way everyone the video will need to be HD thanks again :slight_smile:


If you don’t know what those terms mean, then please take a few hours and familiarize yourself with audio. I’ve handled audio post for a large number of films. Audio is a very important element to films. Maybe not so much so with documentaries, but with a lot of other films, you’d be amazed at the effort that goes into making the audio work for these shows.

Right now I just finished up 2 simple DVD projects based on the same core project:
Sync up 4 cameras PLUS their audio to make a multi-camera/4-way viewable product for post-show evaluation, but then after that, choose a specific camera angle for a single-view product for distribution to the cast.

Today, I’m working on a promo/teaser trailer from elements of the above mentioned product, but using clips that came from the pre-show, intermission and post-show elements. The sync will be difficult at best. Once that’s done I can really start cutting it.

Once that’s done, I go back to a simpler DVD project, which was delayed for 2 weeks due to the holidays, which is fine, I can go scan a few thousand slides between now and then!


haha okay :slight_smile:


one more thing. how long should I make it?


about 2 minutes or a minute and a half :slight_smile: just curious is it gonna be in HD?


You’re asking if the music is going to be in HD? Huh? 96K/24bit?

If your resources are limited, go standard definition but shoot 16:9 if you want the look. Even 720p HD would be good, 1080p better. A lot of time will be burned in the rendering process when you mix and match resolutions, but that’s trivial.

Don’t let resolution prevent you from doing the project. I’d say under 10 minutes is fine. Maybe around 7 as this is very niche.


I was more asking about the video quality :stuck_out_tongue: when I said will it be in HD :slight_smile: haha okay well I’ll see how long the video will end up being just working out sort of the plot line/script…


That’s what your storyboarding and pre-production isall about.

Scripting is mainly for organization in a documentary. The best bet is storyboarding or an outline. Find the points you want to cover and ensure you have footage.

About the only scripting you will really need will be dialogue for voice-over, if you’re doing that.

Expect problems. Expect lots of problems. This is your first video project I’m sure. There’s a lot of element. The good news is that typically, documentaries are on the less expensive end of productions.


haha yea I meant story boarding :stuck_out_tongue: and this is my third film I’m doing I did to shorts of sorts so yea :slight_smile: but I have a good idea of all the different stuff I’ll be filming and at what angle and such I’ll be filming at :slight_smile: