2020 String Fling!

Why don’t we do this? Y’all just send me twenty of anything you want sent. If you have cards or stickers or bubblegum, or giraffes, just send them to me and I’ll start sorting things out getting ready for mailing.

We’ll set the cap at 20. First come, first served on the remaining spots. If we don’t get that many, I’ll run some PIFs (pay-it-forward) with the remaining packages.

Send me a pm and I’ll give y’all my address.


Supplies arrived yesterday. Production begins now😎.
I’ll PM soon as I’ve completed- I make about 10 a session.

How many are we now @Avvatar?

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20 is the number thou shalt aspire to.

Sweet golden number stands.

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Round 2 today. I’m trying for 3 types. Here’s hoping for good weather - I use an outside rig.


20 triple pink complete!

…on to the next!


Tester for my suntwists.


2/3 of my production completed! Today I’m an overachiever - I set out to do 10, ended with 30! So that’s 40 total.

Last set I plan on doing fades.


Get at it! Awesome work. I like the idea of the lead on a string. Hadn’t thought of that. :+1:


I noticed on the first set of twists I made that even though they look great, it introduced a weak point, particularly bad spot if you make an " even" twist (puts it right at the stress point). So I figured it’s both safer and cooler looking if it has a lead on it. I’ve even tried locking every 2 passes together from opposites as a means to strengthen the weaves.

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Ive been wondering lately if I could “weave” or “braid” a yoyo string. If there might be something gained in that. Perhaps something more rope-like. I dunno. I just wonder why this instead of that…


You could try Kumihimo. :slightly_smiling_face:

Googled it. Very interesting. Seems labor intensive for a yoyo string😉. Beautiful stuff though.


Dose anyone know the best way to package for shipping??

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I’m gonna try and divvy up products pretend in hopes of making it easier on @Avvatar.
I’m doing multiple types and am just trying to think ahead.(plus maybe a bonus goodie, funds/time allowing😉)

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So your doing multiple envolpes ? I was thinking a small box maybe I’m also sending multipetypes ,

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Nah. I’ll have to do a small box. I should have 3types at 20 each, plus maybe(fingers crossed) string pickers too.
I’m thinking I’ll separate each set of 3 on a card(a la MM style) so a small box is probably best unless I can get it all in a bubble envelope for cheaper(granted it will even fit)

Unless @Avvatar has a different preferred method.


I’m going to keep it simple and send exactly 20 identical strings. I made 10 over the weekend, 10 more to go :smiley:


Ya. I might have gotten carried away a little. I’m just really excited about the project as I get to show off what I’ve learned so far. I just started making strings in Nov(I think) and it’s been consuming me. Though I’ve had way worse habits before😎.

Long live the String Makers Guild!