2018 World Yo-Yo Contest Coverage Thread - Shanghai CHINA 🇨🇳


Actually if anybody knows any of the songs from finals could you just post it here?
Nathan Dailey: APASHE - Lacrimosa
Ryuichi Nakamura: DJ Fresh - Gold Dust
Shion Araya (second song): KSHMR & MARNIK - Shiva
Ayumu Harada: Band of Horses - Funeral
Polo: Reach - Nobushi

({John15}) #62

Imagine if he didn’t have an actual yoyo in his hand during this performance

(Ken) #63

SHAZAM, lol.

(Ken) #64

Arata Imai: Dubloadz: Life goes on


I just wanna say that I knew APASHE - Lacrimosa before I heard Nate use it… I’m just gonna… put that out there… I know music, guys… yeah… Man isn’t it like the worst feeling ever when you find a really cool song but then somebody else uses it and does a better freestyle than you ever could before you get to use the song for your freestyle? I even made a 2 minute clip…

(Ken) #66

Lol yeah, like how Luckey Li used the Rip n Dip KTN remix that I planned on using.


That’s why you gotta use the real obscure Japanese future weeb funk techno house trance wave vapor chill stuff.


Or go with old school classic rock from the 70s. Everyone is using some hiphop or dubstep track with “sick phat beats, yo”. But some guys like to stand out from the crowd.


@tvelto has complained many times people don’t ever use heavy metal in their yo-yo routines … listen to his youtube intro music to see what he means :wink:

(André Boulay) #70

Wow - if you did not go and watch Hajime’s Offstring freestyle… do it now! Insane. :exploding_head:

(Ken) #71

Lol, or maybe just don’t choose an edm song :joy:

(Ken) #72

Ryuichi actually used Change the way I feel - The Qemists

(Ken) #73

Takeshi had better evals than Evan

(André Boulay) #74

Yes - very interesting how the scores ended up falling there.


This will always be an issue whenever judging (subjectivity) is the mechanism for determining a competition winner.

In fact, it’s why I’m not a huge fan of Olympic events in which medals are awarded on the basis of judging. If an event isn’t evaluated on the basis of time, distance, or some other precisely measured quantity (like weight lifted or goals scored), then maybe it shouldn’t be a medal event. Too much opportunity for controversy over the intrinsic subjectivity of judging to undermine the validity of the results (and the sport in general as a competitive activity).


Yoyo contest results aren’t really ever that controversial though. Yeah the judging isn’t perfect but everyone kind of already knows that, nobody really makes a big deal over the results of contests and the system really is about as good as it’s going to get. Everything’s laid out well, judges, competitors, and spectators all know how the scoring system works.

The scoring system may not be perfect, but it’s very consistent at how it’s supposed to work, which is really what’s most important.


I thought it was a very interesting observation that one key to Evan’s success is that he crafts his routine according to what he knows judges like to see. That’s very shrewd strategic thinking, and I would argue it is all part of mastering the game, so to speak.

(InvaderDust) #78

His blaring, over the top metal intro is one of the reasons I dont really watch many of his vids. Not to mention the hate i got for pointing out that he was using the soundtrack that I knew from Hydraulic Press Channel for the last several years. I unsubbed after that.
His channel is alright but me and his music choices do not get along. Its funny to hear him trash other popular yoyo musics while having equally offensive tracks.

Music is funny like that.


I don’t mind hard rock and metal but I must admit I am not a huge fan of that intro music either, in fact I don’t think intro music should be a thing in any videos… just get to the dang content already :wink:

(InvaderDust) #80

Ive seen Tool 3 times, NIN 3 times, Metallica, System of a down 2 times, Static X, Dope, Manson, Korn, etc. I love it heavy and dark more than most. :slight_smile: but yea. Im glad he makes vids tho, he gets my support in spirit rather than views. haha