Shanghai tickets?

Does anyone know when the tickets for WYYC in Shanghai are going to be available? I haven’t missed them already, have I? It would kinda suck if I bought all the plane tickets and everything but I missed the actual contest tickets… If anybody knows anything please let me know. Thanks!

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Same situation as you bro

Have you already booked your trip to Shanghai?

Yeah I already bought all the plane tickets and stuff.

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Dang me too

Where are you going to Shanghai from? (start a convo with me on dms)

They were available previously, both on international and Chinese version.

As you can see on website, current status is:

“For the registration for contestant and spectators, please send message though contact page.”

They already stated after I sent them my request that the tickets have been sold out. It’s basically dependant on luck whether I get to go inside the venue or not. Yoyofactory said that “there’s a good chance that they’ll be available on Monday” but still no tickets as of right now.

Oh nooo… Does that mean I have to register as a contestant for them to let me in? Are they going to make me go into the wildcard round to get tickets?

That actually might work. Register but don’t compete if you don’t want to prepare a routine lol

Yo but I mean like… even if I’m not competing that would give me a straight up heart attack.

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