WYYC 2012 Site

My family is going on holiday to Orlando this summer and it just happens to coincide with the WYYC. We’re trying to buy some tickets as early as possible because from what I’ve seen of recent years, entry gets more expensive as the contest draws near. The only problem is that the site hasn’t. Is it normal for it to take this long to open? If not, does anyone have any idea when it might actually get open?

it usually doesn’t take this long to update but i’m sure the site will be up with in the next month.

If you aren’t planning on competing, as I recall, you can get tickets just to come in and watch/hang out for $5 or something, just walking in as it’s happening. If you do want to enter, I have no idea when the site will open, but I doubt they’ll penalize us for not being able to register sooner.

I think the concern is that plane tickets can be expensive and non-refundable, where-as hotels tend to have cut-offs of either 24 or 48 hours with no penalty. Since the contest is at the beginning of August, now is the time for people to want to start booking airline tickets, deal with possble passport and VISA issues and other travel clearances and documentation that vary from country to country.

I myself only have to worry about being ALLOWED to travel. I can afford that. Add in hotel and food, and it becomes not so affordable for me but I can work around those issues most likely. I have to deal with the logistics of having my kids watched or my wife taking time off work. Since this may be the last one in Orlando for a bit, it’s super important for me to get there. It’s not looking good for me, but I haven’t given up hope!

For me the problem is just getting in. WYYC or no WYYC, I’m going to Orlando this summer. But for others I can see how it is important that the site gets up ASAP.

Just a heads up that the site is now up but there are apparently some issues with the registration page that should be ironed out within the next day. :slight_smile:

Registration is now up.

Look forward to seeing you there! :slight_smile: