2018 Elite playing responsive

(Mitch ) #1

I just acquired a 2018 elite. Im in love with it and it feels amazing except its super bindy - plays like a responsive . I haven’t lubed the bearing and I’ve tried 3 different string sizes to no avail. Is this just a break in thing?

(Justin ) #2

It might be a bearing issue. Have you tried cleaning the bearing?

(Nathan) #3

My 2018 Elite did have tight binds at first, but after a while of play, the response pads broke in and it played fine. It never played even semi-responsive though…

(Mitch ) #4

I have not cleaned the bearing as i assumed it to be cleane. Ill give it a try

(Choncworth) #5

If you got it New from Jake the bearing should be fine.

If you got it used, the bearing is prob dirty.

Try a new, dry bearing.

(Mitch ) #6

Well cleaning the bearing did the trick. Thanks all. I assumed that wasnt the issue as the bearing seemed to spin without issue. It is a second hand throw. Lesson learned.


Unless it spins for a full six seconds (or more) on a finger flick, it’s gonna play a little responsive. At least in my experience.