2017 National Yoyo Contest


Is being held in Chico, Ca. Which for me is a 1/2 hour drive. compared to the 8 hour drive I would make the past two times its been in L.A.
So Who is all going? who will I see and meet there. comment below.


See you there!


Any ideas on where people will be hanging out? It looks like the Oxford is booked. I am wondering if people will be at the Oxford, Bird in Hand or the Chico Center for the Arts.


Possibly the bird at hand. But Everyone could be hanging out where the event takes place. But there are a ton of places around chico. Carly and I will be volunteers there just like we did last year when it was in L.A.


Thank you for the information! I am planning to stop at the Oxford in the morning and then head over the Bird in Hand. Looking forward to Chico!