2015 Japan Nats seeded players

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Competition is gonna be rough. Hiroyuki Suzuki and Iori Yamaki are my favorites. Also, Hajime Miura is seeded for 4a and 3a :o

I technically know all the 1a tricks shown in this video except Ogi-san s wtfhowdureachtehyoyo hops

Anyone willing to compile something like this for other contests like US Nationals or stuff like AP or EYYC? This is beautiful and gives a pretty good perspective of what could happen.

Want to see how well Hajime can do with 4a; think he has 3a under control

As for 1a, part of me thinks he can hold the title, but another thinks that Hiroyuki/Yusuke/Akitoshi/Iori is gonna be perfect and take it…

Come to think of it, I’d actually enjoy doing something like this. How far away is USA Nationals 2015?

The only thing that would put me off a little is the legal aspect. If one was to edit together something like this for USA Nationals, would one end up with a lawsuit on ones hands? Not least because I have no affiliation to the actual contest but also because I’d need to use footage from other people’s recordings/channels (yyf, c3 etc)…

I know you American lot love to sue people, so it’s risky. Would be a fun project though. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the matter at hand, as long as Rei wins 4A, I’m happy. I think Iori has a good chance of taking 1A after his performance at worlds, but the level of talent is so high over there that it’s anyone’s game relly…

except for the 4a part, Hajime’s got this one :^)

I swear Hajime Miura is the next Takeshi Matsuura

This is the only thing I was worrying about… Also I would love Ryota Ogi to just take it if Takeshi doesn’t win.

P.S. US Nats is in October, if anyone wants AP that’s in May I think. EYYC finished already tho so maybe next year. Any other Nats would also probably be fun. LYYC and LVO just finished dangit this could be pretty cool for lots of contests

Look at Hajime’s Imitation video 2015. He can do the best world routines IN 1A!

Hajime Miura for 3a 4a 1a

Speaking of Hajime, how old is he? He looks so small compared to everyone else in that video.

I think he was 10 or 11 when he won Worlds 2014. He might be the youngest world champion now beating Takeshi Matsuura and John Narum. Not really sure though.

I want to see this. No one has gotten 3 divisions yet so I’m interested. I know Takeshi got 3A and 5A at Japan Nats 2010 I think and Buko got Top 2 at Worlds in 3A and 5A or something like Takeshi did last year. We also haven’t seen much of Hajime’s 1A since FIST SALUD and the imitation vids are our only source.

I’m gonna bring this back, why does East Japan have A and B block

My guess is that it is due to the fact that this region is way more populated than the others