2014 Benchmark V or Shu-Ta


Both of these throws seem very good. I have a shutter already. I prefer fast technical play, which do you think is best? Thanks


For fast technical play? Benchmark V. Which isn’t to say it’s a “better” yoyo-- I played both on the same day, and the Shu-Ta was phenomenal! But the Benchmark V is faster, lighter, and that pure V shape is great for hopping around between strings.


I haven’t tried the Benchmark, but the Shu-Ta is a solid, really stable throw. It’s not YYR Overdrive-fast, but unless you’re going for the Hiroyuki Suzuki style it’s probably fast enough :slight_smile:


benchmark V the thing is amazingly smooth it can handle any type of play you give it. It is my absolute favorite throw right now.