2013 Superstar vs 2012 Genesis

The title speaks for itself. I’m 100% positive my price range won’t go past ~$85 and I’ve narrowed my choice down to these two. I know I won’t be disappointed with a Genesis, but the new Superstar looks promising. If anyone has experience with both, I’m curious to know how they compare.

Never tried a genesis. But the new superstar is great albeit a bit large. Great throw, but you probably can’t go wrong with either.

Genesis is great one if my favorite current throws , super stable , long spin times , good at horizontal , can handle any speed and all tricks ,the only con in my opinion is that its not too forgiving on a bad throw

I dislike the Genesis, and I do like and own the 2013 SuperStar. Yes, I have played the Genesis and I didn’t care for it.

If you’re sure you’ll like the Genesis, then get it.