2013 Superstar: Reaching for the Stars (Review)

The new Superstar is a beast, there is no way around it. This thing screams pure performance, everything about it is designed to be competition ready. Most of the superstars come in solid simple colors, again pure performance not a thing to behold while it is not spinning. This is the Ford GT to something like the Clyw Artic Circle’s Ferrari, Performance beast that can and is likely to win as many races but lacks the amazing attention to detail. For the price hands down this the best sub $100 yoyo I have played. But car analogies aside let’s break this baby down.

Bearing, response and other boring stuff:

The bearing is a centertrack, mine came with red pads so make sure you if you order one that you have some spares on hand. It uses 19 mm slim pads, I personally like that response. The finish if there is one appears to just be anno then clear coat like the Shutter. So it is not the best on grinds do to lack of a finish.


Spintimes: On their own are irrelevant, because they vary so much from player to player, this yoyo spins for long time, I will instead talk about what makes good spin times and that is momentum. This throw transfers momentum well, it doesn’t spin like a truck but it spins for a good amount of time before the rpm’s taper off.

Tricks and Combos: It does great at a variety of tricks the only thing I’ve had problem with is the width it loves to land on two strings, but with practice that does not become an issue. But if you already have problems landing on two strings with a thinner throw, this is something you might want to consider, because this throw is rather large.

Horizontal: This is the superstars specialty, it excels at horizontal tricks. It holds the angle great and glides through the tricks with out correcting.

Looks shape and other delicious tidbits:

Looks: My team edition looks great except for one anno flaw on the blue side which is pictured below. The shine of this yoyo looks great under lights as it glistens like the glitzy jewelry of the superstars of the golden-age of Hollywood.

Shape: The shape is great, low walls paired with a extreme v shape, the rims are comfortable. This yoyo, feels great in my mid-sized hands. So if you worry about comfort this yoyo is not the most comfortable but far from the worst.


This is great yoyo, that is definitely competition worthy. It is fast stable and great at horizontal, now would I reccomend it for someone with a extremely technical style, probably not. But it can handle your best Hiroyuki Suzuki impressions and then some. Ask anymore questions you might have about this yoyo below please.


Artistic shot on the wine rack:

Ano flaw: