2013 National Yo-Yo Contest - See You There?!

Just landed in Sacramento!! I’ll be heading up to Chico tomorrow morning. See you guys there :slight_smile:

I think he meant ca as I Carolina which is a little misleading.

I will try to watch nats this year. I’m excited.

Ill be there with my girlfriend :wink:

I shall introduce myself this time.


Another awesome pre-release first at the National Yo-Yo Contest TODAY in Chico!

Yomega debuts it’s new SIGNATURE SERIES yo-yo for Team Member Daniel Dietz!!!

This is a very special yo-yo encompassing everything Dan wanted in a competition throw.

Further it is an amazing showcase of the yo-yo community working together as Dan worked with local yo-yo maker Nick Gumlaw of Spin Dynamics and OneDrop Yo-Yos to provide superb machining in the USA.

If you are in Chico stop by the YoYoExpert booth today to try and keep an eye out on the site soon for release details!


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Wont the usnats have official hashtag for instant event update?

Anyone know if there is a live stream?

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I too would love to know the answer to this.

The prodigy is an awesome, awesome yoyo… Dan, Nick and One Drop hit it out of the park on this yoyo!!!

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I want a Prodigy so bad! I have wanted one since Worlds (where I tried it)! And now I see the specs…THEY ARE SO PERFECT FOR ME!!! I can’t wait for release details…but sadly, I am pretty sure that I will have to wait until late November to get one.

Oh, and what exactly are you doing for your fifth anniversary? I wish I could be there for the sale…and the free shirt, LOL.

Why do you have to make me want to be there ten times more YYE??? LOL.

Is there a livestream for the contest someplace? I’ve been looking and can’t seem to find one. Help?

The times are changing…the FH AL and Prodigy are two of the yoyos I’m most interested in hearing reviews for right now…a Duncan and a Yomega.

The AC2…that might replace the Summit for what I’m getting