2013 National Yo-Yo Contest Presented by YoYoExpert

A yo-yo contest is an amazing place.  The people it brings together, the mind-blowing display of skill, the new friendships created, and even the competitive rivalries.  Contests are few and far between in the USA but if you can find one you are in for a truly great experience.

Proud sponsors of the 2013 National Yo-Yo Contest YoYoExpert teamed up with the amazing Dennis Barahona to bring a bit of this years event to you at home.

Get a feel of what it is like to be at a contest.  What it means to the players.  What it feels like to watch history in the making.  Whether you are there to observe, learn, or just be part of what is pushing our sport into the future.  We thank all of you who attend these events and urge more to keep an eye out for a contest near you.

Thank you and enjoy.

  • André Boulay
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Great video. So very good.

Awesome video! Wish I could have been there!

awesome video, I think this is my favorite one for sure. Wish I could have been there too lol :’(

That was a fantastic video! Gentry’s voice caught me off guard though, it’s soooo deep :o