2013 National Yo-Yo Contest - See You There?!

It’s that TIME OF YEAR!

The FIRST WEEKEND of October is time for the National Yo-Yo Contest in CHICO, California!

Players from around the country travel to compete for the title of National Champ! We CAN’T WAIT!

YoYoExpert is year after year a proud sponsor and contributor to this great event and will be there with a booth to represent and meet up with all of you!

Looking for anything specific? Place an order online and choose ‘Pick Up In Chico’ and we can bring it to you there (ends Thursday at 4pm EST)!

Keep an eye on this thread too over the next two days – we will have lot’s of great things at our booth being announced before hand!

Will you be at Nationals?!  Be sure to join the roll call started by Logi here!

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Also - I should note - I love to put forum ‘names’ to faces! Come and introduce yourself. :slight_smile:

Mind you as a new parent I may be low on sleep that day - if you need to re-introduce yourself please don’t take it personally!!! Haha. :wink:

  • André
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If I didn’t live directly on the other side of CA I would be there. Youtube for me ;)…

Wish I cud go.

See you there! (With that FREE string…)

I shall see you there Andre! See y’all there!

If only I had airfare, I’d totally be there! (Rhymed, lol)

But I hope everyone has a blast!

I’m feeling run down, so I hope I don’t come down with something. I feel a cold or something coming on. Unless things get real bad, I’m there.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Be there

Im kinds curious… Who types the posts that are by YYE? Is it Andre? Or just a staff member person?

As you can see, it’s Andre himself. :slight_smile:

Won’t be there, obviously, but hope everyone that does has a fantastic time!

At least you don’t live directly on the other side of the country. :frowning:

But yeah, same. I’ll just stick with watching back the freestyles on YouTube later.

Um, he lives in the same state as me (So I believe). He is on the other side of the Country.

Well, if he lives in California (unless I’m seriously reading what he said wrong), and Nats are in California, and if I live in NJ which is the other side of the country, then I would think he’s not on the other side of the country.

But I don’t know. I could be wrong. I barely got any sleep last night and I haven’t been thinking straight all day. :smiley:

EDIT: Sorry, that first part sounded kind of snide. Didn’t mean for it to come out sounding that way. Sorry.

I’ll be there! Leaving tmw at 6:00!

Alas…you shan’t see me there, Expert of YoYo! How I yearn to attend!

But with great luck, the Tube of You shall come to my aid in my darkest hour! I simply must see the one whom they call “Gentry of Steinburg”!

Good day to he and she that will take part in the National Contest of YoYoing!

Yeah he’s on the east coast, he worded it wrong, you didn’t read it wrong :smiley:

I will be there in spirit

Come by the YoYoExpert booth tomorrow to check out the new C3yoyodesign ELECTRIC FLASH!



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^^^ will do!
What time should I be at nats?

Oh, alright. I’m just glad I’m not crazy. ;D