2013 CLYW Video Contest-Mason DeVriend

No mobile :frowning:

I disputed it. It should play now.

Great video! That first side mount poppy trick you did was awesome!

You can learn it right here!

imo top 3 of all contest entries so far. Really good job man! Only thing I thought was “iffy” was the part near the end where it was sort blurry and then cleared up, but again (like your project video), thats just something I’d change if it was my video. We all have different video styles :wink:

Btw what do you use to edit? iMovie?

Great job on the vid!

Just saw this on fb! Nice job man! good luck!

The blur was suppose to make it so you would focus on the Wooly Markmont fan art in the background but it didn’t seem to come out too well :frowning:

I use Sony Studios platinum 2012.


Great video, their is some hard competition out their, hopefully mine too when the time comes. Overall great video and best of luck in regards to winning the yeti, perhaps the new releases! ;D

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