2013 CLYW Video Contest

Hey guys! I finally decided to get off my butt and make this, especially since I haven’t put out a video since this summer. I tried to keep it very simplistic, so you will not see any fancy edits here. Fancy just didn’t fit this video.


So there you have it. One minute is really short but I did my best!

If anyone has feedback I’m more than happy for that.

Some REALLY great tricks there, and a few unexpected twists, which I always love to see.

Thank you!

Bump! Please watch this, I would like any feedback I can get!

very nice video
I love the first trick, it looks great

Thank you! I found out it’s very similar to the first part of I be a minute GT, which is funny because I made this up at least 4 years ago :wink:


Bump? I’m desprate. How do you guys like this?