2013 CLYW Video Contest - Sean Thackeray

Good background ;D. I guess my biggest problem is the editing, might need a little more. But this is possibly top ten.

Thanks! And I know, my editing skills suck, I’m terrible at it :frowning:

I would say it’s just because I can’t figure out how to use iMovie properly, but I’d be lying. I simply don’t know what I’m doing.

I’m not sure if i posted that on the wrong video or i was just being really strict but after watching it for the second time i realized the editing isn’t bad; maybe i was thinking the first and last combos about how you didn’t edit out the starting or stopping of the camera. Probably I was thinking how you never changed the background.

Thanks, I’ll keep the background in mind more next time!

Such a chill video! It is too cold outside. This gave me warmth! XD

Thanks dude!

Not bad at all man. Really nice tricks, and nice background. Over all, really nice video. :smiley:


The second combo is creative.


Really dig your tricks bro! Love the creativity! ;D



Bump! Would love feedback!

Final Bump, anyone else have feedback?

I do. I love your fireplace and your smooth tricks! :smiley:

Thanks dude!