2011-05-13: ReFRESH Emmett

Did a demo for an event called ReFRESH Emmett last night, wasn’t my best, haven’t gotten a lot of practice in lately but all things considers I suppose I did alright, what do you think?

I thought it was fine :wink: .

I will say it helps truckloads (perhaps boatloads) to slow down when performing for people at non-yoyoing events or to non-yoyoers in general. Try to make your movements understandable and approachable :smiley: .

As far as messing up, it’s not like they care. Audiences remember the positives, so should you :slight_smile: ,

What was this event for?

Thanks bud and thanks for the tips, I’ll work on slowing down for non-yoyoer audiences :slight_smile: