Hey guys,
Just wanted to know your guys opinions.

So pretty soon I will be doing a yoyo performance for non-yoyoers. What I was wondering was is it important to synchronize the yoyo movements to music, or does it not really matter. It might be sort of a noobish question,but I’d like to hear your guys opinions. I will be competeing against many different kinds of music and dance acts, and will be getting judged, so any tips on performances to non-yoyoers would be appreciated.

Thanks ;D

It depends. I don’t think you should sync up the whole routine, just key points here and there.

Mickey(Hiroyuki Suzuki) does a lot of that sort of thing in his routines. See his Worlds performances, especialy 2012, and his AP and Japan 2012 performances. He plays fast during fast sections, slower during slow sections, but he’ll try to ensure he does some stuff to music, mostly in the form of landing stuff on a beat.

Use those videos as a reference.

Most performances I see are just “we’re doing stuff and this is the music for it”, and the music is just a bed, nothing to sync to or play along with, just something to be played over.

The music is more for the audience, not the performer.

I’d say yes, synchonization is important. Like Stuido42 said, check Mickey’s videos. I like his 2010 Japan Nationals routine the most.

As for the tricks, go for the easier stuff that’s more appealing to the eye. Though most tricks are difficult, the non-yoyoer eye will probably not see that and it will all look the same in the end. I’d rather see Eli Hops to the beat than Ladder Escape that doesn’t follow the beat at all.

If all else fails, at least synchronize your tricks with the music :]

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Do some of it to the music, not all of it has to but try to do big tricks at big tricks in the song for example. I’ve noticed that people love it when I do talent shows and I try to do that and it works out marvelously. Don’t be afraid to go big, just make sure you know what you’re doing

i like only sync in the big parts of the song

Synchronization plays a really cool part in performances. It kinda gives the feeling that you’re dancing with your yo-yo and it’s your partner. You can plan your synchronizations but eventually if you listen to the song enough times that synchronization will start happening on it’s own. Like Studio42 said, reference Mickey’s 2012 Japan National freestyle and maybe a bit of Gentry Stein as well.

I believe you should synchronize the tricks to the music. For the different phrases of music, is suggest a different type of trick. I suggest do simple, not so intricate tricks. Things such as boomerang are much more interesting to people who are not educated in yoing.

Hope I helped!!! :slight_smile:

Glow in the dark, yoyoing with a blacklight on, or anything flashy. I saw on Matt Loen’s YT: mattsk8nike, he used a glow in the dark yoyo and a blindfold to really impress people. Remember, non yoyoers kinda get bored of complicated tricks. Also, try doing 2a. You’ll be sure to get some “woaah” s with that. Anyways, goocl luck!

Or at least try to synchronize.