2010 World YoYo Contest

Hey! Anyone else going to worlds? I might be going, I know ndragon798 is going. Im so excited, I want to go so bad!!! Im going to buy a Cheis Fraser edition 888 (because he’s really good and he gives me lessons) and some B Grades. Im gonna get like 1 or 2 888 B grades, (one 888 and one 888x)
and if i dont order the yoyo i want SOOOO bad bby then ill buy them there.

Comment if your going!

Don’t get two 888’s. 888 and 888x are basically the same. If you can get the older versions.

i may go but it is the day of my little sis’s bday so theres a chance i may not if not i would go the year after and we would take her to disney world :smiley:

I’m not going but I may go to Chico for Nats.

yyf said most of the bgrades are the older versions, and the reason why i would get a 888 and 888x is because when im on stage and one gets jammed, i still have one, and i want to try both, i tried chris frasers and fell in love so i want a couple

yea get the 07 888 if u can
I think those are the best
and yeah, I’m going to worlds

to bad general yo isnt going there :frowning:

I am

good luck on even getting one chris fraser 888 there are only going to be Six there and there are already twenty people on yyn itching to get one

im going

i may be able to get hooked up though, beccause i know chris fraser, he gave me lessons

In what place will the WYYC be at?

I wish I could go… Mabee in a few years…

The 2010 World Yo-Yo Contest will be held in Orlando Florida at the Rosen Plaza Hotel.

I’m just a couple hours away. Count me in.

i wish i could go, i live in florida, and worlds starts 2 days before i get back from columbia, and i live far away from orlando about 5 hours away

My SECOND year in a row, its not cheap flying from Australia, but the only thing I’d miss worlds for is… worlds. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

i am going to watch