2010 Mighty Flea help.


I just received my mighty flea in the mail today, I wanted to clean the bearing and run it dry, but while I was trying to get it out I ruined the bearing. I was able to find a ceramic 4x8x3mm bearing online at a hobby shop (they use them in RC helicopters), when I get this new bearing does anyone have any tricks to getting these bearings out? Its just silly difficult.

Thanks all.


Use Pliers. Wiggle, don’t pull.

(M.DeV1) #3

a bearing removal tool is your best friend.


if you got the bearing seeded on the non axel side find a allen wrench thats jus big enough to put thru the center…makeshift bearing removal tool XP


What jake said, just be really gentle with the pliers and don’t pull.


Drill bits also do the job (use care)


The YYF Bearing removal tool is too big for this bearing. You’ll want to use a drill bit after removing the axle. I have a magnetic bowl that I would normally suggest for this task to keep spare parts in(like when I’m working on racks and need to keep screws handy), but for this application, just use a small concave container or small bowl, jar or cup so you don’t lose tiny pieces.


I would not use a magneti bowl for holding bearings (if that’s what you meant) because it can magnetize and therefor lock up your bearing. (Balls stick to race=no spin.)


You hit dead on what I was trying to address. When I take apart my speakers to rotate the horn assemblies to make them in “line array mode” or am working on re-doing racks, I use the metalic bowl. When I deal with yoyos, I DO NOT use that bowl because it’s magnetic. I am just saying what I normally would use(as do many others) may not be suitable for yoyo work.

However, thank you for pointing that out. Saves me time in having to clarify that. Always good to have a second set of eyes that are willing to add verbage just to avoid future problems.


i use an old gameboy game plastic holder that closes for my spare parts… another thing that might work well is a small tackle box…

if all else fails, make an origami tray… just a few options

and addressing your origional question, pliers work, but dont squeeze, just gently rock it back and forth till it pops out


Thanks for the tips guys, just for referance a 9/64 allan key fits perfect. Makes a great mighty flea bearing removal tool.