2 Years

So today is my 2 year anniversary of being registered on the YYE forums. I just wanted to take a look back at the good ol’ days. There have been so many people on here from back when I first joined that just disappeared or rarely log on anymore its kinda sad seeing people drifting away from the yoyo community.

Just to list a few people from the good ol’ days
BCmaddog(I know he’s busy with Tropic spins but still)y

And those are just the ones I remember. One of my fond memory’s of these yoyo forums was when BC and Legyoyo would host spam night on the How High Can We Go thread and good ol’ JHB woould always get after 'em and delete there posts(I’m sure he doesn’t miss those days).

And thats just one of them.

What are some fond memories you remember back when you first registered?

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This is a fun thread. When I first registered, my friend from nearby redneckyoyoer3826 was on and we did a lot of stuff together. He’s gone now.
I also had a friendship with stuarttw, but that is now over.

Whenever I go back and look at my old posts I am shocked at how little I knew back then about yoyoing. I’ve learned so much so far and I am only 1.5 years in right now.

I used to host contests all the time and then ended up poorly on my most recent one last year at about this time.

Yea I remeber redneckyoyoer I’m still subed to his youtube channal

Go back in the last ten years, before YoyoNation. Vendetta, Pat, Cuartero, Luke Vader, Brett Grimes, Boyd and even Jason Wong to a certain extent just fell of the face of the earth.

Pshhhh I’ve been lurking since YoyoNation. I never did make a YYN account, I dont know why.

Two years is nothin’, chump.

i think i had a yoyonation account for two months then tried to log in one day and it said it was down. I found out later what had happened.
I think it was also two years ago when Danny S. died.
two years ago yoyoradio was still around… i never got to listen to one, i was always doing something when they came on and never remembered to watch them later.

I remember in 2013 I was annoying here ;D
Anyone remember me posting atleast 10 3A threads? One a week for 10 weeks or so? No? Okay…

Kim-Lan isn’t around anymore.
JM isn’t either.
Anyone else I remember from me lurking before I even started yoyoing has been named here.