2 FreeHand 1's for sale =0)

Hey there, It is me once again. I also have two freehands up for sale as well…, I know they were a hot comodity a couple of years ago…I am pretty sure they are still valued so…
I have a RED Duncan Freehand with white sidecaps-excellent condition
and a YELLOW Duncan Freehand with yellow sidecaps-excellent condition
Please send me your offers and I will talk to you asap!

So if someone could tell me the current prices for original freehands, that would be great! =0)
-Chris Kruger =0) Thank You email: mirpanda111@hotmail.com or ck3575@hotmail.com

I just wanted to state one more time that these are the rare freehand originals that came with grey friction stickers, or as some of you might like to call them, the original friction stickers before duncan switched to the thinner black ones…Thank you

you can buy them new WITH 3 counter weights for like $20

excuse me, but I am talking about the original freehand which is rare because the mold broke and Duncan could not make it anymore until they designed the freehand zero which is kind of like them…but please get your facts straight…Thank You -Chris

Chris is correct.
The freehands that you get now are Freehand 2’s and zeros, this is the original freehand 1, which is indeed quite rare

Thank you Q! =) Now, you wouldnt happen to know what they are currently worth would you? Cause I hate to put my yoyos on for less then they are worth.

Also I figured I would tell you more about me everybody, As you know my name is Chris and I have been yoyoing for 16 years. I am currently 21 and started with a proyo, then a proyo 2, then the bumblebee. I entered many competitions during this time cause I(along with my twin bro) were training with the best of the best…I thought at the time…Ed Guletti and David Gonzales and I would see John Higby and Yo-hans…lol I also saw Tom a couple of times(the owner of playmaxx) either way, I was practically pro back then…Then I picked up again after the freehand had cracked and started off with a lyn fury…then got a speeder, then a menhune, then a darkmagic…and eventually got a Good and Evil 2 (which is #239 by the way) and thought, this yoyo better be perfect for 120 dollars…and it was…Anyway, needless to say I still yoyo to this day and sometimes when I am yoyoing to myself, I do a run that I think…That could be a worlds run, lol…I had seen all the nationals and thought I could beat them all…I ultimately wanted to get a camera and record my runs…well anyway, I am not trying to sound cocky…at all. Anyway I really love the yoyo community and actually am a Proyo 1 collector. I have such an extensive collection its not even funny…and that is just original proyos, thats it…thats strictly my love…I have some pogs that were never even made…and I also have a duncraft pog. I dont know if anyone would know the signifigance of that, There are only a handful of duncraft proyos, and the n they made duracraft proyos for a while and then they started proyo halved proyos before they came out with the proyo II…Anyway post back please people… -Chris 0_o

Honestly, I think what you are asking is about on the money, If you are nervous about your price, ue the modify button on the bottom to change the prices to “Offer”

ok didn’t know that

See the thing about this specific selling situation is this: These two yoyos, aka the freehand 1’s(red w/ white caps and Yellow w/ yellow caps), are actually from my twin Bro’s collection/case of playing yoyos…Of course, dont get me wrong…Every single one the yoyo’s that I have put on from myself and these two from my brother(for now, lol =0) are in excellent working condition and would not even have been considered any of them to be put on here if they werent worthy for people. =0) Like I had said before I am an Identical Twin! =0) And as you could have might already guessed it, He is just as pro as me(His name is Matt, Me and him are actually both the owners of our extensive original Proyo collection, which I am sure has to be worth alot and hopefully someday somebody will be interested in it and want it and have the same gusto, so to speak, lol. I just honestly dont know if anybody else has the intense desire/Love for the original proyo and its many various versions I guess you could say…Specifically the alternate “artwork” variations of there pogs over the years are what we love…along with all the different actual yoyo halves and parts…and colors and company marks, different molds… =0)). In a way since we are twins, its like having a best friend around all the time or whenever you need one…and so we would help eachother progress and perfect tricks…Also, after I had been yoyoing for a solid 7-8 years we got to the point where we can just like watch a video and try and copy it and pretty much get it, or if not…figure it out within a couple of tries… We have both been yoyoing for the same amount of time, aka 16 years, and we just have always yoyoed(since we were 5, my dad came home with three proyos{cause I do have a third bro} and thats where it all started!). Cause I mean, to me yoyoing is like riding a bike(if you have gotten to the point where you just know it by heart, which is just plain awesome, then you dont forget your skillz…it is retained in the MEMBRANE!!!OR ARE YOU INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!!! lol Hahahahahahaha…Its from a Cypress Hill song…as in I can just keep yoyoing for hours and hours, trying out new combos, or practicing existing combos I like, and just trying to think of different ways that I could enhance a combo that I already have down by heart… anyway, I am sure you guys get the idea…lol, I am not trying to sound repetitive or annoying…and/or especially not trying to sound cocky. Because I dont know everything by any means, and I dont claim to be the best yoyoer ever…I just am who I am and know what I know and respect all other yoyoers…Its like anybody else would be, I feel confident in my abilities and fast learning abilities since I know I am better than the average bear. lol =0) Before I stopped trying to be proactive and be out there(so to speak, cause I never ever ever, have once stopped yoyoing all together, not ever once!) Woah, Oh My Gosh…Too much, I know, lol…IM DONE! -Chris Kruger

Can a mod move this thing to the non yoyo section due to extensive bragging and verbosity?

Oh come on…extensive bragging and verbosity…I am sorry to break it to you, but I am who I am and you can ask the people that know me already(and they are good well known people on here) and I am not ever trieing to do that, so come on…no verbosities here! lol =0)