New Freehand 2's

So Duncan has re-made the freehand 2 with a supposedly better balanced mold and recessed friction stickers and a slew of new colors.

My first string trick throw was a freehand 2, so Duncan and the freehands will always have a special place in my heart- but with a remake shouldn’t we call it a freehand 3? Duncan officially calls them “freehands” with no number designation- the yo yo community separates the models into 1 and 2. I say we call it the 3.

Anyone get their hands on one yet? i just got a new throw and if i buy another one soon my girlfriend will be very cranky. so i rely on you, my friend, to let me live vicariously through your yo yo purchases and reviews!

There already is the Freehand Zero, Freehand One, and two generations of Freehand Two’s. I don’t see a problem with these being the third generation of Freehand Two’s.

Bro, there is already a thread for this. ;D

Hehe, just posted last night that I had found them at Toys’R’Us for $15.35 with Tax (Sales Tax is higher in my state, because we don’t have State Tax). Picked mine up this morning and they are indeed very nice, very smooth.

I’ve always preferred the Freehand & Freehand Zero to the Freehand 2. But this could certainly at the very least live up to those, if not surpass them. I feel there’s been more thought put into these in general because the over all design is much nicer. All the caps are consistent and match unlike the Freehand 2s. (So like Black & Yellow caps with Yellow Body, Black and Blue caps with Blue Body etc.)

Feels about the same weight as the Freehand 2, but looks like (I got a translucent) there’s no weight rings like the Freehand 2. So I would indeed say it’s better plastic and molding.

But if you want to continue, and see what’s been said so far here’s the link to the topic I made last night:,14591.msg147418.html#msg147418

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doe’s anyone know if YYE is getting them?

I’m sure they will. Only Andre knows. He’s the one that buy’s items for the store.

Just went to toys r us today and right away I rushed to the itsy bity teeny tiny little section of yoyos. I saw the freehand 2s along with some Yomega Xodus II’s. Let me say the new Freehands look amazing. But I couldn’t buy one cause I have no money. On the back there is Brandon Jackson and some stats on what style the yoyo is good at. For example 1a (the package said “string tricks”) had like 4 and a half stars while 2a (looping) only had 1 star. Very different then what I expected, but I think that is really great to help kids learn more about the different styles.