1st run Leviathan vibe?

Hey, I just received a 1st run levi. Hardly any damage. Seems as though nothing is wrong with it. But it has an awful wobble and have no idea why…can anyone help? thanks!

I already tried teflon taping it as well, didn’t work.

Try changing the axle or bearing.

Tried like 6 different combos of axles and bearing already ;/

I have turning point leviathan 1 that has bad wobble and i have no idea why, nothing is visibly wrong with it. Is there anyone who can fix it and for a cheap price? Thank you:)

im guessing that the axle is offset.try playing around with the hex nut inside the axle screwing it over to one side of the yoyomore than the other.

I tried that, I’ve been messing with it all day and im fed up:/

the wobble is caused by the sides being different shapes or your gap is messed up.like the threads arnt straight.retap it to a slightly bigger size.

Alright, I think I’ll just send it off to Lando to retap it to YYR size and possible tap through and spike it.

haha okay good luck man

Thanks. Happy throwing!

Did you actually tune it, or did you just wrap the axle with teflon tape?

Teflon will fix vibe. Not a wobble. If it wobbles something is off alignment. Wrong axle? Yoyo damage causeing it to screw together out of sync. Bearing seat milled wrong or damage? Response pads sticking out to far on 1 side? Or wrong size?

More than likely though if the yoyo has damage the aluminum is probably tweaked causing it to not spin true.