1st run 3yo3 Luce (4)- special price 40 shipped

I’ve got some Luce’s up for sale, at 40 shipped. I don’t know the exact weight, for lack of a scale, but its around 63 grams. Width is 1.5", and diameter is slightly undersized at 1.85". They’re all delrin, hand turned on a metal lathe by me. All are the same dimensions to within a few thousandths, due to how I operate the cuts on the lathe. They’re usually 44 shipped, but this first run will be a few bucks off. C size bearing, recessed silicone response, just like my other yoyos (www.landonbalk.com). PM me if you’re interested

888, Luce, FHZ

Thanks guys!

I still want one, maybe after I get my trainwreck. The shape actually reminds me of a trainwreck too…

I did not know that you were here on this forum too. In any case, welcome!!!

I didn’t know you made a yoyo besides the cosmo! :slight_smile:

i really want one of those.

I want one too.

keep spinning


i’m interested how do they throw?

way to necro

ummm is that a good thing or a bad thing lol??

bad thing, this thread is old and by bringing it back to the 1st page people are going to pm him with all sort of offer(like how I did :slight_smile: when the thread is old and you want to check if it is still available then just pm the guy :wink: