Which of these following would be best for 1A?
YYR Gleipnir
TP Maxbet
TP Solenoid

I know they are all very stable and long spinning
But which would make the very best pair for 1A?
I’m into long string tricks and lots of whips/slacks.
I prefer floaty yoyos. if you want you can recommend others than above


I don’t own any of these but from my knowledge pretty much all yoyos at that price have pritty good sleep times, and you can’t go wrong with them if you have The money for them.


If you plan on spending $180 on a gleipnir you might as well get a CLYW


Definetly a clash. I have the 2012 versions and it is awesome! It’s really stable and has incredible spin times. It may be for sale. Pm me if your interested.


This. Anything past $70 is usually quite good.

Floaty? If you’re up for trying new weird looking stuff try the X3 Teh Yo. Very light, and the weight seems well to the edges

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Gleipnir FOR SURE