1a TUtorial - Wristpeater - easy repeater


I love your tricks.

Did she say “oh no, the lady’s closing the wash-room?” If so, what was the context there?

Also, thanks for the tutorial. I’ve been looking for more repeaters so I’ll definitely give this one a try.

Lol, yeah. I was filming right next to the concession stand in a park as it was closing up, I guess someone really needed to go and thought they were closing it.

Clearly I need to continue to do simple tricks and easy repeaters, as people are loving those. More to come!

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Awsome bra


“Bro” with a surfer accent.

Also, this tutorial is awesome. Will be learning this later today - Please share more! Simple repeaters are fantastic, because people can build more complex variations off of them - maybe try and organize something where you share a basic repeater, and see who can come up with the most interesting variation from that seed.

ahh, understood. 
Thats a cool idea, I may do that.
Once you get this one down, i have all of my quick and simple tutorials in a playlist

nice job m8, I`m planning to sit awhile at your easy tricks section

keep up the good work

Learned it! This trick is one of my favorite it’s tons of fun!

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learned this trick a few days ago! and i really love it! also its not to hard for a relatively new yoyoer like me :wink:

For some odd reason when I attempt to pop out the yoyo it hits a string. It won’t get out of wrist mount.

spread your throw hand nice and wide make sure you can get out through that triangle