Popping out of certain tricks

So I have been having trouble popping out of certain tricks. I have been trying to learn “iron whip”, “wrist whip”, and I am also attempting “and whut”. Each of them have a similar popping move which I cannot get down. The parts I am having trouble with is when the yoyo is sitting in one string and there is another string situated above it and the goal is to pop it out towards you. That is popping the yoyo towards you in both of the whips and it is the first pop in “and whut.” Any tips?

sry I’m new to this website…please ignore the poll

What’s so hard about popping it towards you? I don’t understand…

I don’t know either haha. I just always end up popping it into the above string or forward which then gives me a nice little knot.

try tilting the whole mount a little. the yoyo should not tilt due to gyroscopic forces, so it may open up an area to pop out of, and also it may move the string that it keeps hitting.

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Thanks, that combined with moving the left side of the mount farther away did it for me.