1a Tutorial - The Educutioner

Jeremy’s newest tutorial “”.  It may kill you, or it may make you stronger.  Or something cheezy like that. 

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gr8 like always :slight_smile:

Fantastic! On first view I thought that was a Red Clover pop, but it seems to be somepin’ different. I’m still not 100% sure I know what’s going on for that last pop, but I’mma give this a go.

Thank you both!
@greg, did you get the pop?

I’ll be honest with you, Jer. I’m still stuck on the part after the inside flip. After I come around my hand on the front and land on the string(s), I get bind. Gotta clean up my landing there before I can get much further! :smiley: Working on it, though!

It took me a while to get past that part. If you are using a flat bearing it’ll be extra tricky. Try to make it a really quick tap before bouncing off again.