1A performance?

Alright, so in my school, we have this talent show at the end of the year and I signed up to yoyo. I can do a lot of tricks, but I have never been in a 1a freestyle performance. I can do a lot of tricks, but In freestyles, they merge certain tricks just right and it looks so smooth and connected. So my question is, does anyone have a performance that I can try to learn by the end of this school year? Keep in mind that I’m pretty good, but I’m definatly no professional or anything. Thanks everybody :slight_smile:

well when i do them i usually just wing it. but it does help to have somthing in mind. When you do this do more “flashy tricks” do tricks like the legs wrap thing, eli hops, revolutions, gyro flop etc, and some technical but not to much. hope this helps :wink:

OK, heres what you do, download a video of someone doing a free style of you so you can play it back in slow motion, and then you can learn it and BOOM there’s your new free style.
May i suggest this one?