1a help


so its been a while now a few monthes and im barely in advance 1a im not going nowhere with hours of practice but when i 2a which i practisw 1/4 as much as 1a i excel most in need 1a tips

(Frank W.) #2

There is nothing better than to just practice practice practice. Takes a lot but at the end it’ll be well worth it.


You’re gonna need a new yoyo. The Speed Beetle is terrible for 1a

(Mitch) #4

Samad is right. Every one says that it is all the yoyoer and not the yoyo. Thats only true to a point. I had a fast 201. I could only go sofar… If you do decide to upgrade, The DarkMagic is real nice because you can make it tug responsive or un-responsive enough for lacerations and whips. Good luck


um thats fav yo i still need to change it to loop720 but i got a velocity remember and also a pgm


you should be good,try to practice your throw and it will be easier. :wink:


In that case, all you need is practice.