1a contest thing!

hey guys, this is just for fun but if you can put your most recent video on this thread then i will put your video on a poll to see whos is most popular. Theres not begginer, or expert sections so if your still a begginer like me dont feel bad if like jayyo, abe, kim-lan, or any other good player beats you. and dont feel bad if your not on the list of good players :stuck_out_tongue:

well ill join so heres my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5MgvVIdWxg&feature=channel_page

and remeber, you dont have to make a video, just put your most recent or best one on. (no rules for video other than keep away from swearing in songs)

Can I post a video of our team yoyoing?

1A contest entry (for another contest)

Maybe some less pinwheels and ripcords? Other than that not bad.

um yah, just make sure it verifys who you are

Thanks. I had a really bad yoyoing day that day, and my camera died after like 6 min. of footage, so I had to use what I had.

remember guys, you dont have to go make a new video =)

vote on the poll of me and kapcom video battle