120 dollars on yoyoexpert..

so im gonna have 120 dollars on yoyoexpert… im gonna try to get the most out of it what are some recommendations.

If it was me I would buy a flight and a new recess yoyo and and unleashed. And a Czech point.

But I think you are looking for a 1a yoyo I would say get a Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0 it my favorite.

General Yo Prophecy.

They’re out ^

To get the most out of that, I would suggest getting a few budget metals. Shutter, Horizon, and CZM8 come to mind.

Well that was quick.

yeah i saw the prophecy was gone… i was interested…

Only on yoyoexpert? If you can spend the money any place i would recommend getting a little more money and buying a CLYW. Any CLYW. Except the Summit.