10ft yoyo string

I just made a 10ft Yoyo string and I put it on a Duncan Butterfly I will put a video of me throwing a foward pass with it. I also made a 5 or 6 ft string I will post a video of me double or nothing and barrel rolls with my YYF Starlite!!!

I’m very curious about how this will look…

Looking forward to it

HAHAHA Can’t wait! this is gonna be dope!

Here you all go!!!


Pretty sweet!!!

Haha that’s friggin’ awesome dude! :smiley: now we wanna see some dope horizantal play xD

Yoyo as a weapon…


Also, is that “Forward Pass, go deep” or a “Hail Mary” or a “Long Bomb”? I think you have the right to name that excessively long forward pass.

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you have to throw it with everything you have in order to get it back and it really hurt when it hit so i try to catch it with both hand also i want to go bigger like a 13 to 15 ft but i dont know

I on e tied 4 or 5 strings together and yoyoed of the balcony.

Wheres the video of you doing the Boingy Boingy with that string? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the 6ft string looping with the duncan butterfly and barrel rolls and double or nothing with the yyf starlite

I Will call it the “grenade launcher”

Thats pretty cool. I’m surprised the string actually fits on the butterfly.

There is a AYYA world record for the longest shoot the moon (string length). It is currently at 15ft 8in.

I am going to beat it and you can quote me on that!!!

should do a 19 ft 9 inch string and do shoot the moon