1095 Days

My 3 Year video, its been an awesome time, and still going strong! I love this hobby, wish I would have been into 3A sooner, I would been smoother with it, but for a little under 2 months I felt I should include it in the vid. Just some of my favorite tricks, and well just crank the speakers, and watch it in HD on youtube. :slight_smile: Enjoy

i love your vids and also, when will October swag be up. another funny thing. Before i got into yoyoing i bought a pair of shoes from your shop (those cool toe shoes). any ways the shoes were great and i used them on my trip to alaska. also when we stopped in Edmonton, Canada for gas i saw Jensen Kimmit at a Burger King, isn’t that weird

Very nice. Your Highspeed vids are a great help to me when I need to learn a trick.