JT Nickel: 3 Years

This is my 3 year video!!  I hope you all enjoy it’s been amazing journey up to this point and I can’t wait to see what the following year has in store!!


Dope shit!

I liked that very much!
You have a nice smooth style that isn’t brain bending complex for me to understand.
Thank you for showing us!

No problem glad you enjoyed it!!

Once again JT great stuff brutha!!
congrats on your 3 years!
I just tallied mine up and I hit 6 this January!
yoyos are great. hahahahaaa

3 Years.

Video length is 3:33


Hahaha what a coincidence indeed Alex!! And Thanks YoRED!!

I was highly impressed. You’re a great thrower and when I saw the video listed in my subscriptions I was excited. Awesome video.

Thanks man it means a lot and keep checking your subs ill be uploading a new trick every wednesday starting next week :slight_smile:

Awesome Video

Great awesome stuff. Quick questions were all those original tricks?

I will. That sounds like it’ll be fun.

Such, such a good video. Really amazing tricks. This video is going to be an inspiration for me. These are the exact kind of tricks I’ve been trying to come up with. I’ve been dry on creativity lately, so this exactly what I needed. Awesome.