102 uses for a yo-yo???

My wife came up with an use for a yo-yo the other day.**** For those that have a week stomach or kids that can’t take the thought of some thing really sick turn away.****
The flu has struck my house for the past two week and all of my 4 children have gotten it, The last of the four was Chunk (Titus) he is the youngest of the group at 1 1/2 years old. Well he was sitting on our new couch(only two weeks old) and sprayed all over half of it. It sank into the crack in the cushions , the cushions in this couch do not come out. So my wonderful and creative wife cleaned up the mess and looked for some thing to keep the cracks of the cushions open and what did she find YEP my yo-yos all of them. It looked like the photo below and yes that is my new Bully. She over looked my sons cheap yo-yos and went straight for mine. I think maybe it was a Freudian thing.

Moral of the story, I now keep my yo-yos with me at all times and never going to let them out of my sight.

Change your strings…

Yah I made a bunch of new ones and switched them out.