1000 Gstring Highlites - heading to YYX soon

I missed this process.

Today I finished 1000 G-String Orange Highlites. (100 bundles of 10)
Heading to YYX…soonish. I want to make another 3000 or so of some other colours first.

I love how they light up the inside of the box.

p.s. It took me 8 years to develop my rig. It loads 5 at a time and can spin 20 at once. Sorry, no pics…ever. I will, however, do anything I can to help others improve or develop their own rigs. String making is a blast of a hobby.


Once you had your machine made, how long does it take you to make the string? I want to make my own, but the single drill method is not time effective for me


If i’m relaxing…120 G-Strings an hour.


wow that’s a game changer I can make about 20 in an hour


what does this mean

any possibility of one trying these? is there anywhere i can purchase them?

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y’all be able to get them soonish :grin:

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Wow. Damn. What things should I be learning about to make something similar. I understand you’re protective of your design, but I’m interested in making for myself solely and not at the 1 string at a time. Any good direction to hasten my learning?

The methods I see are long and cumbersome and I’m partial to new string.

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Find ONE area to focus on at a time. Feed? Kink? Tying? Cutting?

Pick one, make it: easier and faster without a loss of quality.
Move to the next one.

Small direct steps.


Guessing here, but I read that to mean he can thread up strings 1-5 in the same operation, then 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, and then twist 1-20 up all at the same time. So four threading sessions, one spin session, rinse and repeat.


This is great news. Been trying to find g strings since getting back into yoyoing. Nothing feels the same. Did you take a break? Just curious why they have been so hard to find.

Don’t feel this shows my excitement. I’m pumped.


Life took me back to school for a few years. I’m done and enjoying my new career but missed this aspect of my life. So, I dug out my old rig and made a few changes. Then, began to spin once again. I’ll be around for awhile. :wink:


So glad to hear that. I’m excited to see what you have in store.


Ya know, I remember as a kid joining the forums, I searched up GStrings on google intending to find the yoyo string website, took me to something entirely different.


Amped for the return of GString that was my fave back in the day…


I 100% support you not giving away the intellectual property that is your rig, and am equally grateful that you are willing to share your knowledge to help us improve our rigs!


I agree if I had a rig that could do 120 strings an hour I would not share


It’s really not about “not sharing”. If I shared my rig design then everyone would simply build the same one and ALL homemade strings would be the same. This forum is for creating NEW things and pushing string construction and design boundaries. Let’s keep it open and growing!