100 degrees spin crew

we had like 6 ppl come out (good for a first time i think)Me,Jarrett Pond,eli(yoyoguy4),bradley from snack time string,and evan idk his last name :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats me in the black shirt! That was awesome! When should the next meet be?

By the way it was 5 people, not 6, l0l.

Double Post.

We should create a new name for our club, not central florida yoyo club, it sounds kinda lame.

whats bradley’s forum name. (if he has one)


snack tim string…i think

What should it be?


100 degrees spin crew
since its all ways 100 degrees in fl

LOL i love that! So now were 100 degrees spin crew…


can i be part of the team??

its not rly a team its a club and its opn to any1

where are the meetings? and the next one lol?

th next on first sat of october adn at light up toy store in winter park

so i can be part of the club??


The next meet is on the first Saturday of October, but is prone to change. The store that we meet at is called Lighten Up, which is on South Park Avenue. The address is 348 South Park Avenue, in Winter Park. Its next to a Gap store, but the store itself isn’t that big. But, it has a somewhat yo-yo supply, like yomega, duncan hyubusas and wheels, diablos, yo-yo factory loop 900s. So bring some money.

but i dont think i will be coming soon. i need a place closer to me

That stinks. to BB- When our club gets bigger, should we meet in Altomonte Mall? Because Lighten Up isnt that big

ys id do that

got it

i really want to go but im in clewiston