10 Weeks of Learn to Throw :) (and a FAIL)

Hey Everyone!


Wanna see the BassBoost prototype? (The Aluminium one?!) Well it’s in this week’s episode (#10) WHICH I just got up on the site :slight_smile: This week I’m talking about the Eiffel Tower picture trick, Mach 5 (make sure to watch this one, I had a pretty intense FAIL lol), and Kwijibo. The question of the week? What did you do before you started yo-yoing, and do you still do it? And make sure to leave your answers in the comments!



i bet because you drope you new prototype on the ground did you scratch it ?

Well I don’t drop it entirely… lol It slipped a bit because I didn’t do a good bind. :confused:

Oops my bad i thought you drop it. question i know how to bind and all but how do you make it look so cool???

Could you point out a particular bind? It’s usually all about smoothing things out, if you can make a bind look smooth, it’ll generally look cool.

I notice that the advance player like to blind by doing a split bottom mount into blind or a reverse split bottom mount and its look cool. i just do the regular from i don’t know what the move call but basicly the beginning of the brain twister. lol I know I am a noob, I throw yo yos like ten years ago and binding wasn’t tough lol.

Ahh lol… Well maybe I should put together a few video tutorials about various binds and how to smooth them out? Would that help?

hell yeah that would help and don’t forget to mention me on the video that i gave you the ideas lol.

Sounds good :slight_smile: what’s your actual name bro? I can’t pronounce bhavax without hurting myself :slight_smile:

Ivin From Long Beach Cali HoooooAH

I LOL’ed at this. I alomost just coughed up my macoroni and cheese xD

This is pretty cool. I might check the older episodes.

Yeah, It’s a pretty informational show.

And Mike, I saw your soul die just a little bit when you dropped it. lol

Just smoothing the bind out makes it look cool. And also, do the proper bind for where you’re at. If the trick ends in a trapeze, do a JD bind. If it ends with just it hanging there, do the brain twister bind. Make it look as if it were part of the trick. Also, don’t do a bind that doesn’t fit the dimension of yoyoing you’re in. Don’t do a frontwards bind when the trick you’re doing is in landscape.