Snow yo

Awesome video. What were some of the tricks you were doing so I can learn them?

Great Video! :smiley:

But next time could you wear a dark shirt, like the one in your profile picture, so that we may be able to see the string better?

Nice tricks!

How long have you been throwing?


Thanks for watching, sorry my dark hoody was dirty :slight_smile:

I got back into yoyos about a year ago, still really looking to learn a lot more.

mondo, I guess some are just mounts and transitions to different mounts, I usually do a frontstyle with atomic bomb/boingy/ripcord, and i try to start it with a plastic whip, don’t think i did any popnfresh or mach 5 in this vid. I like the 1.5 mount and kwijibo a lot, so you’ll see some of those elements. I really didn’t spend a lot of time throwing for this video, it was really wet and raining and snow kept falling on me. I usually like to put in a flub or too in my vids, because I’m not perfect, not even close, as it is I had to do too many edits :slight_smile:

Yeah in into kwijibo a lot now. I try to throw it into everything lol

I also like doing a kwijibo from the, well I call it the kamikazee mount…basically going from a houdini double or nothing and then popping the yoyo onto the string around your nth thumb, you can go straight into a kiwijibo and it’s just an extra move.