10 ball d bearing????

Im thinking about getting a d bearing yoyo… but i was wondering if there is any decent bearings you can get. I like standard flat bearings… but I’d prefer a 10 ball or something else along those lines. I know theres a KonKave d bearing… but im not huge with the whole concaved bearing scene.

Mm maybe if there’s a way to custom order bearings but it can’t really happen due to size c bearings are dommient in most throws

I’m sure there’s a 10-ball D-sized bearing. You just have to know where to look.

I’m kind of surprised that YYJ puts in a 10-ball half-spec bearing in things like the XCon pro(for the starter bearing) and the Go Big.

Message The Machinist… I had him look into 10-Ball A-Size bearings and the supplier ensues for One Drop didn’t have them or 10-Ball Metric Large Bearings but they may D-Size.

I’m pretty sure the Square Wheels Rex comes with a D sized Terrapin x but I think Terrapin comes in regular flat D sized but I may be wrong

There are companies that go through places like my dads work (he is a maintenance mechanic at a winery) that carry bearings of all different types. If you can get the size of the bearing (like metric size) and message one of these companies I’m sure you can place an order.