Where to get d bearings currently

Just got a SPYY Pistolero with the original bearing that is completely dead. beyond dead. It has died decomposed and is one with nature again.

YYE Dif e yo is out of stock for D size. I’ve searched everywhere I can think of including the super out dated Dif e yo site itself.

The Pistolero is sooo pretty and I just got to throw my friends red one the other weekend so I know how it plays but I can’t play with my new addition to the family.

I’d love to get a Konkave / non flat type bearing for performance but flat would at least let me throw it. Bearing is so bad it won’t even unravel all the way before trying to come back up.

Thanks for any tips!

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I’m not sure where to get a KonKave, but YYE has flats here:


I’m pretty sure g squared has d sized bearings on their site

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Thank you everyone. I have found several flat D size by now and will make use until I find a non flat type. :heart:


Freshly Dirty makes throws that use Concave D bearings…might be worth reaching out to them to see if they’ve got some spares they’d be willing to sell.


It looks like you’ve found something that works for you. If current sources dry up check hobby shops in your area (if they exist). They usually stock bearings for RC cars and helicopters in various sizes. Granted they are usually flat.

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I bought some concaved D ones at aliexpress for cheap, and they are making their job done so far.

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Now I want to order a full ceramic D bearing.

I also want a ceramic now :joy:

I was able to find a seller of centering D bearing :slight_smile: thank you everyone !


Who, what, where?!?!

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