Smoothest and Quietest D-Bearing?

Hey guys, I’m currently looking for a d sized equivalent of the one drop 10 ball bearing and I was wondering if you guys could help me out!

Why is there so many sizes?

thanks for the reply! it says this is a size L though so how is that different from a size D and would it fit in a d-bearing skywalker?

A little harder to find but the hspin bearings are the smoothest EVER. It is a hybrid between ceramic and stainless steel. You can search their email they might be able to help.

Thanks, I’ll be sure to do that!

<3 Hspin

The bearings doe… So epic

That is one a the biggest reasons I miss my nvx. The bearing was insanely smooth and dead silent

I’ve got a Konkave in my Rex and it is one of those deadly quiet, smooth bearings. Definitely worth every penny.

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Thanks for that; I have plans to buy two, and they’re pretty expensive. Hearing they’re quiet and high-quality helps ease that purchasing decision. :wink:

Yeah I need a new bearing for my envy64. That definitely needs A LOT of work to it, and it’s just a plan for the summer.

Just check out Terrapin X D size Wing bearings, steel or S/C ceramic.

I recall that those are for professionals ONLY because everyone else doesn’t know how to use terrapin bearings.

I heard just cleaning and general maintenance of terrapin bearings

Yes this is somewhat true, as they come totally unresponsive you must know how to bind
and to get the other bearing out of your yoyo.
Being that they are small they could be a choking hazard to younger players.

Although I find this post pretty funny, I think you’ve been losing a lot of customers because of the comments you’ve been saying. You have the high quality goods, but if you make the wrong people mad they will go elsewhere. I don’t know if the wrong person got to your nerves or what, but i’d like to see the brighter side of you. I tend to support the people who seem to deserve it on yye, and right now I don’t see myself investing if your products.

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Yes it’s all in fun…
It’s yoyos…

I mean I see some of your comments that way, but some are a bit harsh :wink: plus well some kids are younger and get upset a little more easily and over react haha