10/23/10 Will sell everything for 130


So I havent been throwing as much as I used to so im selling everything and im condensing my collection to a very small amount of throws then building it up again slowly.Im looking to sell everything but i will take some trades.


Heavy Cream-It’s a bluish color with a few tiny scuffs but they arent very bad.Smooottthhhh aaasss buutter.I’m looking for about 70ish- pending

C13-Near mint,few scuffs along the rims,not very noticiable(spelling?).Smooth but kinda hard to tell how fast its spinning thats how smooth it is.$40ish

Big Yo’s X2-One is yellow/blue and the other is blue.They are both siliconed with the response place on top of the silicone after about 5 minutes of drying.25 for both

Red protostar-Needs new silicone and a bearing clean but then it should be fine.$20- pending

Fh2-Green,near mint.one sticker installed.Would throw this in as deal sweatener.

I also have a custom painted fhz that i love but i desperataly need the money.Say 25(also single side recessed and smoove ring
Other Yo’s pictured.Any questions feel free to contact me.

I will sell all for 130

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Does your PGM Come with stacks?
Im interested if it does.


dude,you’ve asked me this like 8 times.Everytime I make a new bst you ask again.For the final time NO

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What do you want for the Raiders, Loops, and maybe the protostar? I have an Envy 64 with some CW marks… Needs some new pads but plays like a beast… I could throw in a Lyn Fury or FHZ as well… Lemmie know

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So I take that as a no? What do you want for the Raiders?


bump price drop. WIll sell everything for 140


Here are some pics of the Punchline cuz I can’t figure out how to pm them. I would do it for the C-13 and Heavy Cream.

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